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So far I have been in very dilemmatic situation whether to develop a native mobile application, having a buzz in the market to have mobile app for almost every application. I always wanted to try my hands on it, but somehow I never ever could start on it. Quite a few times I did setup IDE and SDKs to develop android application, but every time I started I could not carry on.

Being a web developer, always wanted to build the mobile application which will work on all platforms, but again a mini war between these mobile giants never encouraged a common SDK on IDE to develop the same.

To start my day, I always scan through all tech newsletters, 1 week back I found one article, Cross-Platform mobile applications using PhoneGap and JQuery (HTML5 and CSS3), as always curious to know about it, clicked through the link and read the article, understood the concept and somehow liked it so much, they kept it simple but effective. I was happy, finally I could start my mobile application, and deploy it on multiple platforms.

I created one simple app, and deployed the same on both android and iPhone, worked like a charm.

Visit and download, its FREE, read the instructions, that should get you going.

If you combine the power of PhoneGap and jQuery mobile, I bet you can develop nice UI as well as an application with a strong backend.

Recently heard that telerik has also launched an SDK Kendo UI, same concept, but like all telerik components its a paid product. visit

Questions? let me know.