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Wanted to share an unfortunate experience, I lost my brand new Samsung Galaxy ace android phone near my place, same day I went to the nearest police station to lodge an FIR. Respected Police officer didn’t lodge the complain but asked for a letter from my service provider, mentioning that the SIM card belonged to me. I told him I dont want to file an FIR for SIM card, I want to file it for my phone, Sim card i can get it blocked, and anybody who has stolen my phone was not using my sim, he/she has already switched off the phone. But police man didn’t listen so I had to leave to get the required letter.

I went to Vodafone gallary and explained the situation, the store owner said he can block the sim right away but will not provide any such letter that the SIM card belonged to me. I got the sim blocked, and requested him for the letter but he again denied and said Vodafone doesn’t provide any such letter. I called up vodafone customer care as well, but got the same response.

I returned back to the police station told them that Vodafone doesn’t provide any such letter and requested the officer to lodge the FIR for the handset, I had the bill of handset too, officer said the complaint wont be recorded unless I bring the letter from Vodafone. I had to leave. He also showed me few past applications from other victims, they had submitted the letter from their service providers.

I knew that my phone is gone but I still needed to file this FIR just in case in future if anyone misuses my phone but these bunch of fools were driving me crazy, it was my phone, my sim, i had every possible and required document with me, but still they were not helping me out.

I had no choice but to write a harsh email to vodafone nodal officer and mumbai appeal center. In that email I explained everything and requested for the letter.

After three days I received the response they confirmed that the SIM card belonged to me in the email. I took the print out of that email, ran to the police station, this time around the officer did lodge the complaint.

This time I told the officer if police can track my phone using the phone’s IMEI number, it is very much possible to be tracked, both police and service provider can track the phone by its IMEI number, anyone who is using the phone, on any call being made using any sim card from that phone can be tracked. Officer told me that only service provider or samsung can track the phone.

Next day I went to Samsung gallery, asked for the same, they said only police or service provider can track your phone, we cant help in this regard.

I once again visited the vodafone gallery, asked them if this kind of tracking is possible or not, they said we cannot track your phone only police or your handset company can track.

This is a dead end now.

Where to go, which door to knock? I will once again write an email to both Vodafone nodal officer and Samsung’s customer care.

Being a developer I know that the tracking is very much possible, but being a normal citizen who doesn’t want to bribe anyone I cant help myself.

Just wanted to share this, if anyone of you has any solution please do share.